Features released

  • Web applications
    • Updated Reports app:
      • A new “Trips and stops by shifts” report has been added. With its help, the head of the department can easily group trips and parkings according to working shifts accepted in the company, as well as pay wages and fuel compensation to employees who worked in each shift.
      • We’ve added Summary tab containing total data on all the objects for the selected period. The tab is available in the following reports: Trips, Engine hours, Fuel volume, and Trips by state. Thus, when working with these reports users can quickly compare summary info on various objects.
    • The web interface has been translated into Croatian and Korean. Now the platform supports 19 languages ​​spoken by a total number of 3.5 billion people.
    • Improved import from Excel. It’s now possible to import geofences and POIs from Excel along with tags. This way, users will be able to quickly upload new locations with the needed tags.

Integrated devices

  • Concox X3
  • Piccolo ATX
  • Piccolo ATX2S
  • Piccolo Hybrid +
  • Piccolo Plus
  • Piccolo STX
  • Piccolo TMX +

Integration improvements:

  • HuaSheng HS3000G — added alerts on external power cut and GPS signal lost/recover.
  • Teltonika FMB120 — now supports Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors.

824 models supported in total.