Features released

  • Web version
    • We’ve updated the Maintenance section. By switching to Fleet Management → Maintenance, users will find the following enhancements:
      • Added the opportunity to auto-repeat service works. Starting now, a fleet vehicle maintenance plan is automatically generated. As a result, auto mechanics will get rid of routine work and will be able to serve more vehicles in less time. A fleet owner will receive a detailed plan of service works and will be able to estimate the future maintenance costs.
      • Completely changed the interface. The new interface simplifies creation of a fleet maintenance plan by reducing the amount of time that a mechanic spends on adding new entries, and will lead to a more intuitive control over maintenance expenses for a fleet owner.
    • Implemented a separate page for registering new users. We’ve made it possible to invite visitors of promo websites to register and test your monitoring service via a separate page.
  • Admin panel
    • Expanded the list of supported currencies. Now the platform admits monetary units of more than 130 countries.

Integrated devices

  • Atrack al1
  • Cellocator CelloTrack Nano 20
  • Gosafe g6c
  • Fifotrack A500
  • Fifotrack A700
  • Fifotrack S20
  • Fifotrack S30
  • LKGPS LK720
  • MIKA G1
  • Queclink GL300M
  • Queclink GV50MA
  • Queclink GV56
  • Queclink GV56RS
  • Skypatrol ST7200
  • Neomatics ADM007
  • Neomatics ADM007BLE
  • Neomatics ADM50
  • Neomatics ADM100
  • Neomatics ADM300
  • Neomatics ADM700

Integration improvements:

  • Queclink GB100 – enabled location updates at turnings
  • Ulbotech T361 – added the ignition state detection

920 device models supported.