Features released

  • Web version
    • Added the ability to receive Check-ins (photo captures) submitted by field workers. Now a supervisor will be able to check the quality of the work performed by looking through the received photos. The feature is available within these sections:
      • Tracking: when browsing events
      • Alerts: when viewing the list of alerts
      • Reports: by selecting the “Check-ins” report
    • The web interface has been translated into Lithuanian and Persian. Today the platform supports 24 languages, spoken by almost 60% of the world’s population.
  • Mobile applications
    • The updated X-GPS Tracker App has received new features, such as:
      • The “Check-in” feature, which allows a mobile worker to quickly submit data and photos confirming the results of visits to the clients to the monitoring system without the need to create any form.
      • Lithuanian language.
  • Admin panel
    • Implemented batch activation of GPS trackers and X-GPS Tracker mobile applications. This way, now you can easily activate the required number of objects within your clients’ accounts.
    • We’ve added new options in tariff plan settings. This will allow you to create more customized tariff plans based on your user’s special requests.

Integrated devices

  • Atlanta PT-100
  • Jointech JT707
  • Localizar-t

Integration improvements:

  • Atrack AK7 – supported new CAN-bus parameters for the additional equipment.
  • CalAmp LMU 2720 – added aggressive driving control.
  • Cellocator CR300, Laipac s911 Lola, Suntech ST300 – implemented a forced coordinate request

900 device models supported