New device is supported now in NAVIXY software – GPS tracker model P008 produced by Moralwinhk in Hong Kong.

Device activation in the platform
Activation based on SIM card information: phone number or ICCID+
Fully automated activation; no need to configure manually+
Automated assignment of GPRS APN settings+
Automated assignment of unique identifierxIMEI
Customized settings profile uploadingx
Online remote configuration
Tracking modes+
Power saving modesx
Telemetry data processing and representation
External power voltagex
Backup battery level+
GNSS signal reception level+
GSM signal level+
Roaming statusx
GSM operator labelx
Digital (discrete) inputs statusx
Analog inputs datax
Frequency inputs datax
Impulse inputs datax
Serial interfacesx
Данные 1-wirex
CAN-bus datax
Hardware events processing
Inputs changex
External power cutx
Internal battery low+
Emergency (SOS) button pressed+
Tow alert (unauthorized movement)x
GSM jummingx
Special peripheral hardware
Fuel level sensors with serial interfacex
Surveillance camerax
Service and maintenance features
Connection monitoring (keep-alive)x
Firmware version controlx
Remote control with GPRS / SMS terminal toolGPRS, SMS
Initial settings profile managementx
Error reports processing (incoming from device)x
Processing device log data (temporarily stored in device memory)x
Queue for outbound GPRS commands sent to offline devicex
Support for PIN code of the SIM cardx



  • “+”: fully supported
  • “-“: supported by device, but not implemented on server side (still possible)
  • “x”: not supported by device model