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Navixy Cloud

Be independent and do not worry about servers. Get a private cloud.

Install Navixy platform in the Amazon Web Services cloud with a few clicks.
Do not worry about servers, independently manage your cloud resources, and be able to continuously update your Navixy instance with ease.

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How it differs from ServerMate?

While Navixy ServerMate runs in our own data centers, Navixy Cloud has IaaS provider infrastructure on the backend. You become completely independent, but you can still benefit from easy updates and not worrying about server hardware.

How do I update?

Since your Navixy instance runs in the standard environment, we can use scalable toolkits to provide you continuous support on software updates. To update your current version to the latest one, just install it from the AWS Cloud App Store – anytime and with no hassles.

What IaaS vendors I can choose from?

Currently we offer Navixy Cloud on AWS only. It is the most popular and strongest worldwide platform with resources on all continents. If you want to use another IaaS vendor, you should choose Navixy Standalone product instead.


USA: +1 858 225 46 88

Mexico: +52 558 526 11 25

UK: +44 203 807 64 62

Russia: +7 495 128 35 56

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