Digital Matter Dart

Digital Matter Dart is a compact 2G or 3G tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs to cater for entry-level tracking applications, without sacrificing tracking and communications performance and reliability. Its compact housing contains the GPS and cellular antennae, and the 12 wire connector means that all of the Dart’s functionality can be easily accessed and makes installation a breeze.

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The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed. The optional internal buzzer, 3D accelerometer and flash memory round out a product that is low cost but still packs a punch. The Dart can simultaneously use GPS and GLONASS satellites, providing double the number of positioning satellites than standard tracking products. The result is faster acquisition and more accurate and reliable tracking.

Location and tracking

Digital Matter Dart is embedded with GPS, and has the support of GLONASS system as well.

The Dart’s AssistNow Offline feature is aiding data for extremely fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments.

Mobile networks

The Dart can be manufactured for specific markets around the world with cellular modem modules approved by all the major networks – 2G, 3G or 4G.

Power supply

External power supply might be 8V to 36V, which makes possible to install the Dart both on cars and vans.

The Dart passes stringent automotive power “load dump” tests to ensure that it will continue to operate in the harshest electrical systems. A built-in self-resetting fuse makes installation easy and safe.

The 400mAh LiPo backup battery allows the Dart to continue to operate when external power is removed for up to 5 days, depending on the amount of movement.

Inputs and outputs

There are following interfaces available:

  • Inputs:
    • 1 x Ignition line
    • 2 x digital inputs with configurable pull-up / pull-down
  • Outputs:
    • 1 x switched ground digital output, easily wired up to switch external lights, relays, buzzers, sirens, motors and other devices
  • Other:
    • For high volume orders the Dart can be manufactured with an internal buzzer to provide an audible alert without requiring the installation of an external buzzer.
    • The TTL serial interface allows the Dart to interface with external devices and peripherals, including a low-cost RFID tag reader for driver identification

Local and remote management

The Dart is configured only with the help of manufacturer’s server. No automatic activation is available.

Server Integration

EU (
US (
Server port46992

General information



Weight150 g (5.29 oz.)
Size95x55x17 mm (3.74x2.17x0.67 in)

GNSS Location

Internal antenna (GNSS)Yes


Cellular network typeGSM Six Band
Internal antenna (Connection)Yes
Cellular network generation3G, 2G


Number of outputs1
Number of inputs (all types)3
ACC/Ignition inputYes
Discrete inputsYes
Impulse inputsYes
On request
On request

Hardware features

Battery capacity400 mAh
Built-in batteryYes
Internal temperature sensorYes

Tracking features

Tracking modesInterval, Continuous
ECO drivingYes

Events monitoring

Battery lowYes
Car crashYes

Self monitoring

Network signal levelYes
GNSS signal levelYes
External power source voltageYes


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