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November 2021

Web version

  • Added Hungarian and Dutch languages. Big thanks to our partners!
  • Introduced distance, driving and parking time alerts in the report on all events.
  • Added a manual mode for route geofences.
  • Improved downloadable PDF for submitted forms in terms of checkboxes and radio buttons to display only the selected items.

Developer hub

  • Integrated new image formats for tags, employees, POI, fleets and GPS trackers:
    - image/jpeg
    - image/pjpeg
    - image/png
    - image/gif
  • Integrated new image formats for whitelabel option:
    - image/jpeg
    - image/pjpeg
    - image/png
    - image/gif
    - image/webp
    - image/x-icon (for favicon type)

New devices integrated

  • Teltonika TFT100 for electric vehicles
  • Morey: MCX2M1, MCX3M1, MCX101, MCX201, MCX301
  • Shenzhen Dragon Technology PorTemp
  • Blac solutions retranslator

A total of 1307 devices supported.

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