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December 2021

Web version

  • Introduced a brand new video module. We enhanced our support for Howen devices to offer multichannel live streaming functionality. All partners are welcome to try the multichannel live stream, various sensors supported and ADAS/DMS events as we keep working on more video module features and devices in 2022.
  • Added an easy way to replace a GPS tracker for any object. Usually, it is needed when the old device is broken. We strongly recommend trying it on a non-crucial device first to avoid any data loss. Obviously, we will still count it as 1 tracker for the purpose of monthly billing.
  • Extended full platform functionality to tablet devices.
  • Put events and tracks together in History. The update allows to display events over tracks on the map and filter them by type.
  • Kept on improving the Tracking interface:
    • moved History button down making it more obvious for users where to click,
    • added a button to hide the History window,
    • added a new option to hide stops, which is very useful when users have many,
    • optimized tracks precision and speed.
  • Enhanced Vehicles module to work even faster for big fleets. We also added a search by VIN and license plate.
  • Refreshed background for the Reports module.

Developer hub

  • Added a new parameter to the vehicle object — garage_organization_name to ease up work with vehicle APIs.
  • Added a possibility to change devices’ IMEI with 3 new API requests. Now partners won’t lose the history of devices if they get broken. IMEI replacement procedure allows keeping the history of a previous device:

    tracker/replace — a standard procedure to replace IMEI via sending automatic registration commands to the new device
    tracker/replace_quick — replaces a device using only IMEI. Automatic SMS commands will not be sent for activation. The replacement device must be preconfigured. This API call can be used only for bundles
    tracker/replace_retry — request that resends automatic commands to the new device

Integration improvements

  • Added new fields for Teltonika FMB640:
    ECO score
    Clutch switch
    Brake switch
    Service distance
    Tacho performance
    Ambient temperature
    PTO drive engagement
    Gross combination vehicle weight
    AdBlue status
    Brake pedal position
    MIL indicator

New devices integrated

  • New TopFlyTech devices:
  • Jimi JM-LL301 
  • Howen devices:
    Hero-ME40-02 Smart Dashcam

A total of 1322 devices supported.

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