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October 2021

Web version

  • Introduced a nautical measurement system making ship tracking even more convenient. Arrange the sea map installation if needed.
  • Continued improving the Tracking module. History window: date separators, saving of settings. Object info window: update on changes, displaying tariff plan and standing time.
  • Improved POI visits report: up to 3000 POI can be selected.
  • Increased the length of description fields in forms from 250 to 500.
  • Changed the minimum distance for the distance alert to 5 meters.

Admin panel

  • Increased to 5 measurement systems including nautical to be used as a user default.
  • Fixed user default regional settings.

Developer hub

Major improvements:

  • Introduced a nautical measurement system as user default settings.
  • Added new how-to article on working with POI: custom fields for POI, creation of places, obtaining of information and POI overview.
  • Added new how-to article on Driver journal, including feature overview and obtaining of information.
  • Amplified the Developers hub with backend API keys. Their main goal is to make program creation easier for developers with API keys benefits:
    • the API key will not be deleted if the user logs out or changes the password,
    • you don't need to renew the key periodically,
    • you don't transfer or store the username and password,
    • you can delete the key at any time if there is a suspicion of compromise,
    • you can create a separate key for each individual integration.
  • Added a how-to article for API keys.

Section updates:

  • Added “simplify” parameter for track/read request. When opted-in, the tracks will be simplified, hiding the points that don’t affect track accuracy. The response will be also more compact. However, when all the points are required the parameter can be switched off.

Integration improvements

  • BLE fuel frequency sensor (Technoton DUT S7) is now supported for Teltonika FMB130.
  • Extended support for CalAmp devices: new group “Accumulator fields” under “Devices and settings”.
  • Deployed a new parameter for Teltonika FMB130: BLE LLS frequency.
  • Eco driving portlet and corresponding alert were added for Concox GT06E.

New devices integrated

A total of 1294 devices supported.

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