Blog Release notes

June 2021

Web version

  • Added the opportunity to select date and time format in account settings.
  • Added 29 new currencies so the platform now supports all existing world currencies.
  • Introduced fractional values for accuracy in measurement sensors. The update is especially asked for in fuel sensors.
  • Updated sub-users rights to enable private rules for notifications. No other user can see the rule when the option is selected.

Mobile applications

  • Improved support of TopFlyTech TLW1 sensor on X-GPS Monitor.

Admin panel

  • Added the opportunity to select date and time format for user accounts in settings.

Developer hub

Integration improvements

  • Added Harsh Driving scores display for Teltonika devices.
  • Added the opportunity to select ignition type for Ruptela series 5.

New devices integrated

  • Galileosky 7x series: 7x, 7x 3G, 7x C, 7x LTE, 7x Plus
  • Ruptela LCV5 and HCV5
  • Syrus Cloud Connect 3G, Syrus 2G Trailer Tracker, Syrus 3G

A total of 1260 devices supported.

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