Types of reports

Please note that for the reports marked with an asterisk, you must create the appropriate rules in the "Alerts" section. If the rule is not created, then events will not be generated and the report will always be empty. For example, for the "Device switching ON / OFF" report to work correctly, the "Tracker switch ON/OFF" rule must be configured


This report allows you to get detailed information on trips history, including trips length, travel time, stops duration, and speed. It can also give you an overview on fuel consumption by norm for those GPS tracking devices which are not equipped with fuel sensor.

Stops report provides a breakdown on stops and parkings, its location and duration. It also gives you an ability to check on the time spent with engine ON while parked (idle time).

This report is a mix of the previous two with the feature to separate trips and stops by shifts - display statistics only for certain (specified by you) time intervals during the day.


Geofence report shows the number of visits to geofences during a specific period of time. It also provides details on ins and outs of a certain geofence, stay duration, place and date.

POI report shows the number of visits to POI during a specific period of time. It also provides details on date and time of these visits.

Safety and security

The report contains information about the events of the car alarm, car evacuation, crashes, etc.

Some GPS devices are equipped with a panic button to alert the operator of an emergency. This report contains information about the events of pressing the SOS button.

Some devices are equipped with a fall sensor. This is often used in personal trackers designed to monitor and care for older people. A fall alert can help you respond to an emergency in a timely manner. The report shows the history of fall events.

Report on events when the device was removed from the monitoring object. It is used for cargo trackers, which usually have a special sensor and are able to notify the monitoring system when someone dismounted the device from the cargo.

This report combines all the reports available in this section and displays statistics on all possible security events.

Transport usage

This report serves to display engine hours  details in movement and idling, complemented by daily activity diagram and histogram.

Fuel report indicates fuel consumption with  fuel fillings and drains at a certain time and place. The data is complemented with figures like initial fuel volume, final volume, fuel consumption rate, etc.

The report displays statistics on fuel consumption for a certain period, based on data from flow meters installed in the vehicle. Unlike the previous report, it does not show the fuel level at a certain point in time, but only the consumption.

Vehicle sensors report reflects data received directly from the vehicle through CAN-bus or OBDII for any selected period: mileage, RPM, speed, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, etc.

Driving quality

Speeding Report. When generating a report, you can set the maximum allowed speed and get detailed information about cases of exceeding it - date, address, actual speed.

Device status

The report displays detailed statistics about the cases of turning on / off the GPS device manually, using the button.

This report displays information about cases of prolonged lack of an Internet connection between the GPS device and the monitoring server.

Connected devices

This report is designed to get insights on information related to various sensors like temperature sensor, fuel sensor, etc. It may provide data on coolant temperature, board voltage, RPM, speed, ignition, and other parameters as well.

This report is designed to provide data on working time of any equipment connected to the tracking device through digital inputs. For example, it may show you when the excavator bucket was active or inactive.


Task report provides you with information on statuses of the tasks created by dispatchers and/or supervisors and assigned to the employees.

This report will display information about all forms sibmitted when employees complete tasks via the X-GPS tracker application.

The history of changes in work statuses done by the employees themselves or by the operator.

The report will give you a list of all the marks on the map sent by employees via the X-GPS tracker application.

As a part of Driver Identification this report can help you monitor and analyze the workflow and working shifts of drivers who share a single vehicle. You can always check which particular driver was behind the wheel at a particular time.

This is a form of travel report, but only with a grouping by a specific region or country.

Other reports

An overall report on all types of events supported by the platform that can be grouped by event types (general, location based events, hardware events, service notifications).
For all events, there is a column with a designated driver. If the driver was assigned at the time of the event - he will appear in the report.

Some trackers can send their location via SMS messages in cases where there is no Internet connection. The report displays a list of all coordinate requests via SMS.

The report shows the movement of the device in time by points, with the coordinates and a link to a map with these coordinates.

The report can be downloaded in PDF or XLSX format.

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