Blog Release notes

July 2021

Web version

  • Updated notifications to show idling time by the end of the excessive idling event.

Admin panel

  • Added the option of a VPN channel between the server and IoT devices on request.

Developer hub

  • Added new data/time format ISO 8601 for API responses. So starting from this moment our partners can get the information in the most convenient format.
  • Added a new how-to article on the usage of service works. Keep your vehicles pretty and productive.
  • Improved descriptions for all requests, object names and parameters in a UI-friendly format.

Integration improvements

  • Extended the number of CAN data for Cellocator Cello-CANiQ
  • Added Loss or Fix GPS signal alert for Suntech ST4340LC
  • Added new parameters of the external GPS module for Suntech ST710, ST710R, ST730

New devices integrated

A total of 1274 devices supported.

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