Parking detection

The monitoring system automatically defines the facts of parking (states without movement), for next purposes:

  • To mark a movement trajectory to separate trips – for clear illustration and easy viewing in tabular reports;
  • To capture “Trip end” / “Trip start” events – with possibility of Email/SMS notification.

Control of parameters of definition is carried out through the “Parking detection” portlet in the Devices application.


Parking detection is determined by the following parameters:

  1. Minimal idle detection (in minutes)
  2. Maximal idle speed (km/h)

By default, these parameters have the following values: (1) 5 minutes, (2) 3 km/h.

Parking status will be detected, if actual speed of an object has been less than defined speed value within set time period (or longer). Speed is determined by GPS/GLONASS data.

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