Laipac Technology Inc. is considered to be one of the leading companies in the development of GPS and Internet of Things products and solutions. LocationNow Inc. is a well-known subsidiary of Laipac that provides customers with an excellent IoT platform for real-time asset tracking and people monitoring.

Laipac GPS watches are very popular among people who want to control the location of their family members, especially kids.


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Laipac 911 BL (Bracelet Locator)

Laipac S911 Bracelet Locator is portable GPS/GLONASS watches with the higher precision of tracking provided by A-GPS.

This durable device has a high waterproof class. It is equipped with GSM phone for communication, tamper detection, motion sensor, power saving and compression.

Laipac 911 Lola

Laipac S911 Lola is an ultra-portable GPS tracker designed for personal navigation and family or employee control.

These GPS watches are very easy to use. The device has some features like an accelerometer, SOS button and detach sensor.

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