Laipac StarFinder Lite

The Starfinder Lite is a robust platform designed for remote vehicle tracking and security. The Starfinder combines both GSM/SMS and GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/ Short Messaging Service and General Packet Radio Service) communications with ultra-sensitive GPS technology to provide a rugged yet precise and reliable tracking platform. The Starfinder Lite can be used to report positions or events in real-time, as well as log positions for local or remote downloading. The Starfinder Lite comes standard with four optical inputs for connecting to alarm systems or other sensors, one analog inputs, and three output relays for ignition disabling and remote door unlocking. A backup battery is also included.

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Server connection

EU (
US (
Server port47772

General information


Connectivity information

Network operator IDYes

Location information





Discrete inputs2
Number of outputs3
Analog sensorYes
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