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Coban GPS trackers are highly popular thanks to diversity of products for entry-level markets.

Shenzhen Coban Electronics Co., Ltd, is a Chinese GPS trackers manufacturer company specializing in automatic electronics, security products: vehicles anti-theft alarm system and wireless technologies. Established in 1999, the company has a solid export experience with around 90% of the products being exported worldwide. Today Coban is actively developing personal tracking products for pet and human tracking. Company’s expertise covers researches, development and production, mostly in automotive electronics, security products and wireless communications terminal equipment.

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Coban GPS102B

Coban GPS102B is a compact handheld GPS tracker with basic functionality. The main purpose is personal tracking...

Coban GPS103A+/B+

Coban GPS103 A+/B+ is a cost-effective vehicle tracking device. A+ and B+ modifications Both devices support dual...

Coban GPS103A/B

Coban GPS103A/B is a cost-effective vehicle tracking device. A and B modifications The difference between “A” and...

Coban GPS104

Coban GPS104 is a portable GPS device for tracking cars, trucks, trailers, cargos and other...

Coban GPS105A/B

Coban GPS105A/B is a GPS Tracker for vehicles with advanced tracking. Its main purpose is...

Coban GPS302

Coban GPS302 is a small personal child tracker. It has childish design, and all necessary...

Coban GPS303B

Coban GPS303 series are budget GPS trackers for vehicles. By November 2015 the family include...

Coban GPS303F/G

Coban GPS303 series are budget GPS trackers for vehicles. By November 2015 the family include...

Coban GPS304A/B

Coban GPS304 is a motorcycle tracker, which provides such functions as real time tracking, external...

Coban GPS305

Coban GPS305 is a bicycle GPS tracker with a hidden installation option. It provides real...

Coban GPS306

Coban GPS306 is an OBDII tracker. It can be is easily installed into the car diagnostic
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    Inside Coban: Popular GPS trackers in a cut

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