BOX Telematics BOXtracker 2

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BOX Telematics BOX-tracker

BOX Telematics BOX-tracker

BOX Telematics BOXtracker 2

BOX Telematics BOXtracker 2

BOX-tracker 2 uses the Quad band GPS/GPRS modem. BOX-tracker 2 features numerous over-the-air configurable parameters giving you control of the tracker and remote configurability. Device has a 3 universal inputs, which allow to control vehicle parameters, it is useful for fleet monitoring.

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BOXtracker 2 uses a Quad band GPS/GPRS modem from Telit ( and is engineered for various sectors such as fleet and asset tracking industries. BOXtracker 2 features numerous over-the-air configurable parameters giving you control of the tracker and remote configurability. Data sent over GPRS is kept as small as possible, keeping data costs to a minimum.

BOXtracker 2 used in conjunction with 3rd party application service providers (ASP Tracking Companies) will enable your end customer to manage their fleet and mobile resources via real-time information containing journey details, location, status and event reporting.

BOXtracker 2 is designed for vehicle tracking applications where external power is available and which may also have I/O requirements. It is available with either an internal or external GPS aerial and as a “Private Label” solution with branding and colour options available.

Location and tracking

  • GPSSupport
  • Continuous tracking mode

Mobile networks

  • 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 2G Network

Power supply

  • External power supply (9-30 V)

Inputs and outputs

  • 3 Universal digital/analogue inputs
  • 2 Difital outputs
  • RS232, 1-Wire

Other features

  • Emergency button
  • Remote management
  • RS232, 1-Wire, CAN support

Server connection

EU (
US (
Server port47686
Auto registrationYes

General information

Size135x70x21.5 mm (5.31x2.76x0.85 in)
Internal antenna (GNSS)Yes
Internal antenna (Connection)Yes

Connectivity information

Cellular network typeGSM Quad Band
Cellular network generation2G

Location information

Forced GNSS location update over SMSYes


Remote outputs controlYes
Motion sensorYes
Hardware keyYes


Discrete inputs4
Number of outputs2
Analog sensorYes
Impulse counterYes
1-Wire interfaceYes
CAN/OBDII reader typeYes
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