Features released

  • Web version:
    • Added new parameters to the list of submitted forms within the Task application. By switching to Forms → Submissions, supervisors and managers will get more detailed information on task completion while browsing the form attached to a specific task. This will reduce the time spent on processing results from visits to clients.
    • Included new notifications to the Alerts app:
      • Check Engine light is ON — The notification will immediately warn a fleet owner about the vehicle’s malfunction, allowing to solve the problem as soon as possible.
      • Driver Fatigue — Having detected a drowsy behavior, a supervisor will contact the sleep-deprived driver and prohibit further vehicle use.
    • Users can now set Penalty points for Quick Lane Change in the Fleet app → Eco driving section → Harsh driving. This will help operators and supervisors identify drivers that perform dangerous manoeuvres at the wheel and reduce the risk of accidents involving corporate vehicles.
  • Admin panel
    • Integrated the Tyntec SMS Gateway. By connecting it to an account, users will be able to activate GPS trackers “over the air” and send SMS alerts on events.

Integrated devices

  • Eelink TPT02
  • Satellite Solutions Satlite 3
  • Satellite Solutions Satlite 4

Integration improvements:

  • Teltonika FM6300, FMB630, FMB640 — added the ability to receive files from the driver’s card and tachographs in DDD format on e-mail.

892 devices supported in total