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February 2023

Developer hub

  • Added the include_summary_sheet parameter to add a summary of all the objects to the report. The scope of reports where the new parameter can be applied is given on reports plugin page.
  • Updated rules descriptions and conditions for triggering alerts.
  • Added brand new descriptions for the following rules:
    - Speeding (hardware related)
    - Speeding (platform related)
    - Driving time
    - Parking time
    - Auto geofencing (unauthorized movement detected by location change)
    - Distance between objects
    - Case intrusion
    - GPS jamming (signal dump)
    - State field value
  • Added append_zone_title parameter for most rules. This parameter allows to add a name of the geofence when a rule is applied inside of a geofence.

New devices integrated

A total of 1449 devices supported.

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