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March 2023

Web version

  • Welcomed virtual sensors to the platform. This new device-agnostic functionality helps streamline device sensor configuration and effectively visualize sensor data such as status, humidity, temperature readings, and more. Try a fast and easy virtual ignition setup. For a step-by-step configuration of the Teltonika EYE Sensor, see our tech support guide.
  • Supported custom maps in Tracking 3.0, reaching full feature parity with the previous version. To set up the custom maps please contact our support team.
  • Upgraded mechanisms for detecting drains and refills on the move. More flexible and advanced filtering allows you to minimize false refills and drains to get more accurate fuel data. Configure through the Navixy user interface or API.

Developer hub

  • Added API calls to configure the virtual sensors and get sensor data from packets by bit fields.
  • Added a new web socket event called state_batch. When using this type of event, the data about multiple GPS devices is transmitted through the web socket as a single batch instead of 1 packet per GPS device. The update increases the number of data transmitted per second by 40 times.
  • Added a new API call to create check-ins on the map — for those who develop their own Navixy-based mobile apps.
  • Added new API calls for adding images, forms, and files to Check-ins.
  • Created a guide on how to upload files and check-ins to the platform.

New devices integrated

A total of 1454 devices supported.

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