Features released

  • Web applications
    • The Alerts application now includes:
      • Emergency notifications about important events. Such notifications are highlighted by color, go together with a recurring audio signal and are stored in the web interface until disabled by a supervisor. For example, an emergency notification can be applied for controlling deviations from the set route when transporting valuable goods.
      • Notification sound adjustment. Users can now set up the needed volume for a notification. The feature allows to stay aware of events even when a computer is in another room.
    • The Electronic Padlock widget has been added to the Monitoring application. The widget allows a cargo owner to remotely open and close an electronic padlock. Using this feature helps to limit cases of unauthorized access to cargo during transportation.

Integrated devices

  • ARM CARGO (Retranslation protocol)
  • Fifotrack A600
  • Micron Prime Bolt Mini
  • MicTrack MP-90A
  • MyRope M528
  • MyRope M588
  • XiLi Technologies PT100

878 models supported in total.