April 2018

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Features released

  • Web-applications
    • Updated “Reports” app:
      • “Fuel report” now contains info on speed and mileage. By analyzing fuel level, speed and mileage data, users will have a more advanced and accurate tool to confirm fillings or drainings. For ex., when the fuel level continuously fluctuates with road surface variations like driving off-road, surface inclination, vehicle tilt, vibration etc.
      • “Trip report” has been updated with new advanced settings to improve the accuracy of mileage calculations.
    • Trip play back in the “Time Machine” tool has become more convenient. Now the map automatically follows all the movements of the selected GPS tracker allowing users not to lose the track.
    • The list of data sources for Odometer and Engine hour meter portlets has been limited: now only the available sensors will be displayed. This way, it will help reduce questions about the odometer and the engine hour meter settings.
  • Mobile apps
    • The updated “X-GPS Monitor”:
      • Tracks view settings (equivalent to the Web interface) have been added. Thus, a fleet owner will be able to view only the necessary information concerning movements of the selected vehicle.
      • The total trips length (km) and travel time for the selected period will be now shown as summary information. This way, users can easily view the intensity of vehicle use directly from a mobile device.
      • New diagnostic sensors OBD2 & CAN. Feet owners will receive the full information on the current vehicle condition.
      • Translations into Greek, Mongolian, and Sinhalese (Sinhala) have been added. The mobile app already supports 19 languages.
  • Docs
    • TROUBLESHOOTING — we’ve prepared new docs to answer user questions: how to use the “Parameter in range” rule, what does a device’s status mean:
    • SETUP AND MAINTENANCE — we’ve added instruction on how to grant remote access to Amazon Web Services‎ to Navixy tech support:

Devices integrated

  • CalAmp ATU-620
  • CalAmp LMU-200CalAmp LMU-300
  • CalAmp LMU-400
  • CalAmp LMU-700
  • CalAmp LMU-800
  • CalAmp LMU-900
  • CalAmp LMU-1100
  • CalAmp LMU-1200
  • CalAmp LMU-2030
  • CalAmp LMU-2600
  • CalAmp LMU-3030
  • CalAmp LMU-3640
  • CalAmp LMU-4200
  • CalAmp LMU-4230
  • CalAmp LMU-4520
  • CalAmp LMU-5530
  • CalAmp TTU-700
  • CalAmp TTU-1200
  • CalAmp TTU-2830
  • Concox QBIT
  • Haicom HI-603
  • Haicom HI-603X
  • Starcom Helios
  • Systems and Technology CareU Ucan
  • Systems and Technology CareU Ueco
  • Systems and Technology CareU Ugo
  • Systems and Technology CareU UT1
  • Systems and Technology CareU UW1
  • Systems and Technology Intellitrac

Integration improvements:

  •  ATrack AK1, AL1, AK7, AT5, AU7 — OBDII data reading added

750 device models supported in total.


USA: +1 858 225 46 88

Mexico: +52 558 526 11 25

UK: +44 203 807 64 62

Russia: +7 495 128 35 56

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