Features released

  • Web-applications
    • We’ve added the ability to receive and process custom data transmitted by a GPS tracker. This can be the results of measurements or calculations performed by a GPS tracker. For example, based on the fuel type and temperature, a GPS tracker will calculate the fuel density, and then send this data to a monitoring service. In the monitoring service, the data will be processed as information from a measuring sensor.
    • A new rule “GPS antenna disconnected” has been added. By receiving this alert, vehicle owners will be able to immediately react on a GPS antenna detachment and fix the problem.
    • Updated email notifications on form submissions. Now all the photos and files attached by mobile employees to a form can be downloaded directly from the notification email messages. This will help to speed up the processing of results by a back office.
  • Docs
    • User guides. A new instruction on adding custom logo to a user account has been included to the section:
    • Software setup. We’ve prepared instruction on how to use the Wizard for independent software installation on your local server:

Devices integrated

  • Aplicom A9
  • Bitrek BI 530R
  • Concox AT3
  • Galileosky Base Block
  • Galileosky Base Block Lite
  • Novatel MT 4100 U
  • Positioning Universal FJ1000
  • Teltonika FM3612
  • Teltonika FM3622
  • Teltonika RUT955

Integration improvements:

  • BCE fm 500 blue + — axle load support added
  • Galileosky v7 — custom data transfer supported
  • Suntech st340lc — car crash alert added
  • Tramigo T23 — protocol update with analog input and driver identification support

718 device models supported in total.