Features released

  • Web-applications
    • Smart filter has been included in Reports advanced settings.The tool helps exclude measuring errors, for ex. satellite drifting. This way, when creating a report, users can select Smart filter option to receive a more accurate mileage value.
    • Low battery alert is now available for the X-GPS Tracker mobile app. This way, a supervisor can prevent disconnection in time by receiving a notification as the battery power gets low and asking the employee to charge the device.
  • Docs

Devices integrated

  • AMGPS G1000-HD
  • AMGPS G3000
  • Atrack AK11
  • C2STEK FL10
  • Kingneed TK-20
  • Lacak OBD X7
  • Nimbelink Asset tracker

Integration improvements:

  • Arknav RX8 – remote outputs control supported.
  • Queclink GL300 – low battery power alert added.
  • Queclink GV300W – we added support for ECO driving based on the device built-in accelerometer.
  • Tramigo T23 – ECO driving and GPS location update by angle added.

759 device models supported in total.