Fuel Monitoring

Control fuel consumption and
prevent fuel thefts

Get the most with Navixy

Fuel costs can amount up to 30% of all fleet management expenses, therefore affecting operating costs and company’s profit in general. Among the major fuel related challenges experts define:

  • fuel theft
  • increasing fuel costs
  • Fuel Tax regulations (like IFTA, etc.)

Navixy GPS tracking and telematics platform can help you cope with the major challenges related to fuel monitoring and management in the most user-friendly way.

Decrease fuel thefts Decrease fuel thefts
Slash fuel related expenses Slash fuel related
Comply with Fuel Tax regulationsComply with Fuel
Tax regulations

Features overview

Intuitive calibration

Create and manage fuel sensors in the most user-friendly way.

Instant notifications

Receive on-time alerts by SMS or Email to prevent fuel thefts.

Reports & analytics

Thoroughly analyze fuel consumption to minimize operational costs.

Fuel Monitoring support for GPS hardware


Most devices manufactured by Teltonika can report fuel level and fuel consumption data from CAN bus/OBDII.

Teltonika hardware

Besides basic fuel level readings Technoton’s fuel level sensors can report various CAN data: speed, engine hours, temperature, throttle, etc.

Technoton hardware

Add your device

360 degree device support is Navixy top priority. We are always ready to add your device to the list of 1000+ already integrated models
Add Your devices

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