Map tools

We provide wide set of tools to work with maps, addresses, tags, POIs, geofences, directions and many other items which have relation to visualisation of assets and geospatial information.

Basic map toolbar is located in the bottom of the screen.

Map tools   Measure distance and area. Set a few locations to calculate the distance or area.

Map tools   Show street traffic. Use Google maps and other sources to view the traffic in the streets.

Map tools   Directions. Get directions between selected points on the map, see the length of the route.

Map tools   Reference point. Set a point anywhere on the map to see its address and coordinates.

Map tools   Change map. Switch map layers to get the desired detalization of the surface or satellite view.

Map tools   Map search. Search by coordinates, addresses, names, and places that you added yourself.

Map tools   Clear map. Remove events, tracks and other items you don’t need anymore from them map.

Map tools   POI. You can create or upload places and enable/disable their display on the map

Map tools   Geofences. Create geofences and show/hide them off the map.

Map tools   Layers. Add your custom layers over the map layer by uploading the data from KML files.

Map tools   Map overview. A smaller map which makes easier to navigate within different parts of the big map.

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