The “Check-in” feature allows you to fix your location on the map, attach up to 9 photos and add a comment.

Field employees using X-GPS Tracker can report on visiting checkpoints, report on work performed, and also to transmit more detailed information on various events.

Sending a mark

To send a mark:

  1. Open the X-GPS Tracker mobile app;
  2. On the “Map” tab, click “Check in”;
  3. In the opened window add a photo and comment;
  4. Click on the “Check-in” button to send a message to the monitoring system.

After that, the information contained in the check-in mark will be transmitted to the server.

About each new mark you will receive:

  • Notifications in the web-interface
  • Push-notifications in mobile app

View sent check-ins on the map

The monitoring service allows you to view the previously sent marks along with a photo and a comment on the map. To view the marks:

  1. Go to the Monitoring app;
  2. Select the required device from the list;
  3. Click on the “Events” button;
  4. Select the type of event;
  5. Specify the time interval;
  6. Click on the “Show Events” icon.

View sent check-ins in the report

If you have multiple check-ins to go through our Check-in report will help you

    1. Go to the Reports app;
    2. Select Check-ins report from the list;
    3. Select trackers that should be included in the report;
    4. Specify the time interval;
    5. Click on the “Build report” button.

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