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September 2022

Web version

  • Revised Track history toolbar to keep all the tools closer at hand. The new toolbar puts together playback, color coding by tracks, status, speed, as well as trip details, settings, printing, and downloading.
  • Updated menu order. Now Reports module comes after Tracking, putting the two most popular features on top of the menu together.

Mobile applications

  • Released new update for iOS X-GPS Monitor. The new version is optimized for iOS 16 and supports the Hungarian language.

Developer hub

  • Added parameters for generating eco-driving reports by drivers. Employ the parameters like harsh_driving_penalties, speeding_penalties, speed_limit and others to create the reports.
  • Introduced plugin examples for every report type to streamline working with report requests. Now all it takes to generate a report is to pick a plugin, copy the example and replace the data with your own — fast and error-proof.

New devices integrated

A total of 1424 devices supported.

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