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October 2022

Web version

  • Added access to raw sensor data. Now Navixy partners can utilize it for data-driven developments and enhanced analytics. For instance, some API shortcuts to retrieve the required data:
  • Added the possibility to generate fuel reports for past periods with updated calibration values. To do so, just open the Devices and settings, change the calibration table in the Sensors and buttons, and generate a fuel report with the new values.
  • Enhanced trip report to add fuel expenditures. The trip cost is calculated automatically based on Navixy GPS data or fuel sensors, when installed. In either case, a fleet manager should add reference values to the vehicle profile prior to report generation. As a result, the expenditures are calculated per each trip and in total.
  • Added trailer’s registration number to vehicle profile. From now on, logistics companies and other industries using waybills can specify the trailer’s registration number for compliance. The data is added to the waybill automatically.

Developer hub

  • Added filtering and sorting for employees list. The most popular parameters for selecting the required employees and drivers being: ID, first name, object label and hardware key. For advanced developments there is a pagination with limit and offset parameters.
  • Added trailer and frame number parameters to the vehicle object

New devices integrated

A total of 1428 devices supported.

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