Features released

  • Web applications
    • Fuel consumption monitoring through fuel flow meters has been implemented. The feature allows to keep a record of wasted fuel, for example, on agricultural machinery or off-road vehicles operating in harsh environments.
    • User actions log has been added. With the help of this tool a manager will learn about:
      • users’ logins and logouts from the corporate monitoring system
      • actions performed in the corporate monitoring system

Integrated devices

  • AMGPS Freko
  • BCE FMS500_StCAN
  • EElink TK-319
  • GlobalStar SmartOne Solar
  • Navento N-Auto Plus
  • Navento N-Blackbox
  • Squarell squarell flex
  • TelcomIP PatrolScan
  • Teltonika FM3001
  • Teltonika FM36M1
  • Teltonika FMB202
  • Topten tk228
  • TrackSystem Locus
  • Wirtrack (retranslation protocol)

Integration improvements:

  • Calamp LMU 2630 – expanded list of events processed on the hardware’s side and CAN parameters.
  • Teltonika FM3612 – implemented processing of new CAN parameters: “Total mileage” and “Engine hours”.
  • Navtelecom Signal – new protocol supported.

849 models supported in total.