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May 2017

Web applications

Mobile apps

New version of X-GPS Monitor. You can control your staff directly from your smartphone. The following features have been added to the application:

  • You are able to see all the tasks assigned to employees:
  • Check on the current status of each task
  • Build a route from the current location to the task
  • Sort the list of tasks by dates and by state
  • Search tasks by all fields and by tags
  • Reassign a task to another employee

Dutch and Italian added to the list of languages.

The possibility to top up the user balance via "in-app-purchase" (on request).

Integration improvements

  • Laipac S911 Lola: position by LBS added, supported GPRS commands
  • Concox GT06: location request via SMS / GPRS "on request"

Devices integrated

  • Concox GV20
  • Lacak OBD
  • Orange TK-103
  • Sanfone SF100
  • Sanfone SF700
  • Teltonika FMB001
  • Teltonika FMB010
  • Ulbotech T381
  • VJoy TK20SE

489 device models are supported in total.

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