Features released

  • System improvements
    • Navixy platform is now completely based on cluster architecture in order to provide higher availability, scalability and fault tolerance.
    • TCP-server and billing productivity improved in order to work with more devices using the same hardware capabilities. Service startup time after rebooting (e.g. after upgrades) reduced.
  • Web applications
    • The possible time range for the Time machine is expanded from 1 day to a month.
    • Alternative options of state borders visualisation are available for disputed territories.
    • Improved welcome screen for right-to-left written languages (arabic, farsi, etc.).
    • Help widget is available in Spanish now. You can opt for English, Spanish or Russian.
    • New map styles added to the demo version.

Devices integrated

  • Castel IDD-213
  • Concox WeTrack2
  • DMT Oyster – works with LPWAN
  • Lacak OBD
  • ProTrack VT05s
  • Systems & Technology CareU A1
  • Systems & Technology CareU U1
  • Systems & Technology CareU UCAN
  • Teltonika FMB900
  • Teltonika FMB920
  • VJoy TK05
  • VJoy TK20SE

Integration improvements

  • Arnavi 4: discrete sensors added
  • Atrack AX9: Eco driving function supported, “Ignition” sensor is added automatically 
  • Coban 103A+/103B+: event “door open” added
  • Concox GT06: adaptable tracking mode management for the latest firmware upgrades
  • Ruptela (all models) – Eco driving is supported 
  • Suntech (all models) – Eco driving is supported 

A total of 479 device models is supported.