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April 2022

Web version

  • Released brand new notifications interface: consistent and modern design, convenient step-by-step approach for new alert rules. Also added a State field value alert rule to generate notifications about value changes. The most popular use case is being open/close doors.
  • Kept on expanding the Tracking module. Added sorting by groups in addition to trackers sorting — this update was initiated with big fleets in mind. Added right click to copy coordinates, measure distance, build a route or watch a street view.
  • Introduced new API key management interface in Account → Manage API Keys. Compared to the old session key approach, the new way yields more security and convenience.
  • Updated Maintenance module. Now tasks have an Execute field to add any starting date for repeated maintenance. Also added prefilled email address, improved hints, task creation date and interactive pie chart for service works summary.
  • Improved usability of calibration table for sensors: auto sorting of new values, instant opening of additional parameters if filled.
  • Added new JC400 video features: track is shown during the playback, livestream speed is increased and new firmware is supported and available.

Mobile applications

  • Released a new version of X-GPS Monitor for Android. Key features:
    - Video events
    - Updated event icons
    - Hungarian language added

Admin panel

  • Added the possibility to disable default platform settings for device activation. For that click on do not create default sensors and do not create default event rules.

Developer hub

New devices integrated:

A total of 1358 devices supported.

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