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March 2022

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Web version

  • Jimi playback is live! We have also streamlined the initial configuration and fixed some bugs detected in the previous release.
  • Added import of sensor calibration table from CSV.
  • Improved tag functionality for POI and geofences.
  • Added openSeaMap and openRailway maps. Available on request.
  • Improved the zoom on the map.

Admin panel

  • Extended tracker comment field with a possibility to divide it into rows.
  • Added search on comment.
  • Added a template for automatic bulk user upload. In case of migration from Wialon there are step-by-step user guides.

Developer hub

  • Added a new API call to get all sensor readings history from devices — tracker/sensor/data/read. This long-awaited feature allows getting the necessary historical values from devices and implement them into analytics, apps, and reports.
  • Added details_interval_seconds parameter to a sensor's report plugin. It allows requesting a sensor report with minimal intervals of 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes as before.

Integration improvements

  • Additional fields were supported for Galileosky and Navtelecom
    Galileosky: can_8bit_r, can_16bit_r, can_32bit_r, modbus;
    Navtelecom: all measurement sensors in Flex protocol format.
  • New protocol supported for Satellite Solutions trackers: SLXU/SLXT.

New devices integrated:

  • Jimi JM-VL01 LTE tracker with 3G and 2G fallback. Can work as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Jimi JM-VL03 is a 4G device with 2G fallback and advanced GPS antenna for more accurate positioning.
  • Jimi JM-VL04 OBDII tracker with great accelerometer based alerts.
  • Jimi JM-LL02. Asset tracker with magnet mounting and capacious battery.
  • Fleetguide 4
  • Fleetguide 6
  • Navtelecom Smart S-2410
  • Navtelecom Smart S-2411
  • Navtelecom Smart S-2412
  • Navtelecom Smart S-2413
  • Navtelecom Smart S-2437

A total of 1351 devices supported.

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