Hi-tech driven agriculture

With less and less lands every year and ever-rising world
population, conventional farming methods won’t work
anymore to feed the planet.

Farm smarter. Carefully use resources, effectively collect
and analyse data.

Control livestock location

Track the location of cattle, horses and other animals in real time. Set geofences and get instant alerts if the animals are out of range. Receive early warnings in case of theft.

Recover lost equipment

Know exactly where your equipment is if it gets lost or stolen. Check the data for any periods in the past or use a time machine to reconstruct the events and locations.

Benefit with self-driving

Introduce efficient cost-saving driverless tractors and keep a digital eye on any operations. Receive urgent notifications if it gets off track and check data in real time.

Embrace precision farming

Allow decisions to be made per square meter or even per plant rather than for a field. Use precise location to enable the most efficient technologies and get a good harvest.

Manage the field remotely

Provide forefront solutions using accurate GPS location and alerts. Equip GPS hardware with any vital sensors and manage them directly on the platform.

Deploy drones and additional

Use drones not only for mapping and surveys but also to deliver fertilizers and pesticides. Stay fully aware of any movement of the expensive equipment.

Monitor climate conditions

Employ weather stations to accumulate data from various sensors and predict possible crop diseases. Receive alerts to take timely measures and protect the harvest.

Big data, big analysis

Intergrate the GPS tracking and telematics platform with other apps through REST API for data collection and analysis. Keep all metrics in one digital place.

Keep products fresh and safe

Deliver products fresh from the farm and guaranty their quality and freshness. Keep track of temperature and humidity inside the truck. Enjoy smooth and accident-free driving.

How telematics helps fight elevator theft
and accurately measure grain stock

Discover full potential of GPS Asset tracking

Experience state-of-the-art GPS tracking.
Detect incompliances on the spot
Protect your assets and boost productivity.

Provide smart and cost-effective GPS tracking service.
Stand out from competitors and impress your
customers. Scale up your business with us.

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