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TotemTech AT05

Location and tracking

  • uBlox GPS module with high accuracy
  • Continuous tracking mode (no Interval mode)
  • no LBS support, the location is detected using only GPS

Mobile networks

  • Standard quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 mHz
  • Only 2G networks

Power supply

  • Connects to the vehicle power circuit (12-60 V / 1.5 A)
  • 300 mAh backup batter

Inputs and outputs

  • 1 discrete input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs

Other features

  • External emergency button
  • Voice monitoring
  • Local and remote management

TotemTech AT07

TotemTech AT07 is a cost-effective vehicle tracking device.

Package contents

Package contents include:

  • Device
  • GPS Antenna
  • Plug-in power wires

Location and tracking

TotemTech AT07 model is embedded with GPS and doesn't have support of GLONASS and alternative systems. It either doesn’t support Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology or LBS services.

The tracker supports turnings. It will update the positions automatically to web server once the vehicle changing driving direction over pre set angle to form a smooth trajectory consistent with the actual road.

Mobile networks

With Quad-band GSM 2G module TotemTech AT07 can be operated all over the world.

Power supply

External power supply might be 9-50V, with an over-voltage protection, which makes possible to install AT07 both on cars and vans.

AT07 also features a built-in rechargeable backup battery. When fully charged it ensures about 4-5 hours of device operation (in normal conditions).

Local and remote management

TotemTech AT07 can be fully controlled over GPRS, including configuration of tracking modes and controlling outputs. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back. It supports remote APN settings configuration by SMS.


TotemTech AT07 has following features:
  • Send data to two servers simultaneously.
  • 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer movement status monitoring.
  • Firmware upgrade by OTA.
  • Support DC 9v – 50v , over-voltage protection.
  • 16Mb Flash Memory( stores 4000 pcs or so data).
  • Fuel/oil level detection with high accuracy.
  • user defined settings on I/O ports: digital input, digital output, analog input.


The manufacturer offers original accessories, such as:

  • Relay
  • Door Sensor
  • Fuel Sensor
  • Camera
  • Temperature sensor
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Buzzer
  • iButton Reader and iButton tags
  • RFID reader and RFID tags
  • LED lamp
  • Weighing sensor
  • Fuel consumption meter

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