Moralwinhk GPS trackers may be used for tracking of different mobile objects: cars, bikes, parcels, pets and people. The company provides the most high-end solution for GPS tracking.


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Moralwinhk P008A

Moralwinhk P008A is a portable personal GPS tracker that can be used for safety control of the senior family members and kids. It is also suitable for lone workers.

It is a light-weight device with SOS button. It doesn't require a special setting procedure before the first use.

Moralwinhk P168

Moralwinhk P168 is considered a standard vehicle GPS tracker with a balanced simplicity of usage and a range of options. It can be used for a personal car as well as business truck and vans.

It has a car crash detector that sending emergency signal at the moment of the accident.

This device is distinguished by its stable work.

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