Features released

  • User web applications
    • Welcome screen released – user sees it right after signing in. It contains fancy widgets to easily access main apps and summary information.
    • Driver ID: Report with identification events added
  • Mobile apps
    • X-GPS Monitor for Android: we added the possibility to use various maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, etc.), so purchasing of the Google Maps license is not necessary anymore.
    • X-GPS Monitor for iOS: translation improvements.

Devices integrated

  • Atlanta L-100
  • Atlanta W-Track
  • Atlanta WP-30C
  • Autoseeker AT-17
  • DCT Syrus 2G – improvement: mileage reading added
  • Maruti InfoTech MI01
  • Queclink GV55VC
  • Systems and Technology CareU U1 Lite Plus
  • Teltonika FM6320
  • TKSTAR TK905
  • TotemTech AT05