Queclink GMT100

GMT100 is a GPS tracker that was specially designed for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, motor boats and similar vehicles. It has has strong protection from the water, as well as sophisticated power management algorithms to prevent vehicle's battery drain.

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Another quite essential thing to mention is built-in relay that can block the engine to prevent vehicle staling. This internal relay eases installation as you don’t need to add an extra wires, which is rare suitable for scooters and sportbikes.

Location technologies

There is one of the latest u-blox GNSS chip inside Queclink GMT100. It’s pretty sensitive and no doubts that external GPS antenna is not required indeed (which is very helpful for simple and hidden installation on motorcycle or boat). It also supports Assisted GPS technology which provides short TTFF. Thanks to the flexible settings available for tracking the tracks look accurate.

The GSM Cell id based location method can be used as a back up – to provide approximate location when no GPS signals are available (e.g. in the multi-level parking facilities). But this feature is also should be supported on the tracking software platform’s side.

Anti-theft features

Thanks to the built-in relay the engine blocking feature can be added in minutes and even does not require very professional skills. After that you’ll be able to control it remotely over GPRS (if you tracking software supports this) or SMS.

Device detects towing, jamming and, potentially, external alarm system triggering with a descrete input. To increase security you can connect a siren to the one of its outputs.

The accelerometer in GMT100 is used not only for towing detection, but also for driving quality monitoring. You can set the tresholds for what you want to consider as harsh driving (braking, accelerating and cornering) and the device will generate correspondent reports to GPS tracking software.

Sophisticated power management

Since the capacity of batteries on scooters and motorcycles is much less than in cars, the way how the energy is used by a GPS tracker is a sensitive issue. With GMT100 you don’t have to choose between battery usage and security. To preserve the battery of vehicle when it is not used, GMT100 offers smart power management algorythms. They are based on 3-axis accelerometer and three options for internal battery charge, which are configurable by user. When ignition is off, there are several scenarios how the internal battery is charged:

  1. Normal – the external power supply will charge the internal backup battery on need and power for unit.
  2. Powersaving – The external power supply will only charge the internal backup battery when ignition on is detected. The charge process is stopped when ignition off. During charging, the external power supply will power the unit, otherwise the internal backup battery will supply power for unit.
  3. Advanced – the external power supply will charge the internal backup battery when ignition on is detected or when the internal backup battery capacity is less than 30% if ignition is off. During charging, the external power supply will power the unit, otherwise the internal backup battery will supply power for unit.

What are the weak sides of Queclink GMT100?

Generally GMT100 is quite unique and good for its purposes. If we are not speaking about its price, some of its features can become disadvantages, though it depends on the application. For example, the large capacity of the internal battery and built-in relay mean bigger size of the GPS tracker, so you probably might to look at its fellow brother GMT200 instead.

GM100 has one analog input which potentially can be used for fuel level or temperature measurement. However, the absence of digital interfaces will limit you in accuracy.

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