Teltonika FMB140

FMB140 is an ADVANCED GSM/GNSS/Bluetooth tracker with integrated CAN data processor. It is compact 2 in 1 solution: GPS tracker and CAN adapter inside! The device allows to read CAN data from a wide range of various vehicles, including light & electric vehicles, trucks, buses and special machinery. Depending on the exact software version FMB140 can be used in advanced applications as heavy logistics, delivery services, utility transport.

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Location and tracking

  • Continuous
  • LBS

Mobile networks

  • Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • 2G/3G

Power supply

  • Build-in battery 170 mAh Li-Ion battery 3.7 V
  • External power supply 10 – 30 V DC with overvoltage protection

Inputs and outputs

  • 3 digital inputs
  • 1 negative input
  • 2 impulse inputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 2 CAN interfaces
  • 1-Wire
  • 2 digital outputs

Other features

  • Eco Driving
  • Local and remote management
  • LED indication
  • Accelerometer

Conexión del servidor

Servidor de la (
Servidor de (
Puerto de servidor47776
Auto registro

Información general

Peso55 g (1.94 oz.)
Tamaño65x56.6x20.6 mm (2.56x2.23x0.81 in)
Antena interna (GNSS)
Antena interna (Conexión)


Estado de roaming
Nivel de señal
Tipo de la red del celularGSM Quad Band
Generación de red celular2G
ID del operador

Información de ubicación

Nivel de señal GNSS
Localización forzada por LBS preferente a GPRS
Localización forzada de GNSS preferente a SMS


Control remoto de las salidas
Lectura del identificador del conductor


Entradas digitales4
Número de salidas2
Sensor analógico
Sensor de impulsos
Sensor de frecuencia
Interfaz 1-Wire
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Rastreo 3.0 NEW
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