Queclink GT300

Queclink GT300 is a powerful A-GPS Locator with mini size, light weight, superior sensitive receiving ability and fast TTFF which works on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900. GT300 is designed for many applications such as human body or vehicle security, the specific target to be tracked, emergency call, the management for specific purpose and target.

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Queclink GT300 has 4 preset number and a SOS number, user can set the 4 number keys and SOS key though software. By using GT300, user can not only realize SOS alarm, real-time location query and voice call functions but also get the device’s history track though visiting website.


Queclink GT300 can be used for:

  • Outdoor safety for elderly people
  • Lone worker protection (Man Down function)
  • Child protection
  • Asset security

Package contents

  • GT300 Locator
  • 850mAh Li-ion battery
  • AC power adapter
  • USB earphone

Key Features

The key features of the Queclink GT300 device are:

  • GPS Sensitivity -158dBm, 50-channels
  • Built-in 3D motion sensor
  • Four keys for a function execution
  • Quad-band GSM connectivity
  • Battery 850mAh (Li-ion)
  • Dimensions 87x44x17,5
  • Weight 75g

Power supply

Queclink GT300 features 850mAh Li-ion battery.

Battery Charging

  • Please connect AC power adapter with GT300 for battery charging.
  • Insert the AC power adapter into the power.
  • During charging, the battery capacity indicator in icon area will flash periodically; when charging at power-off status, charging indicator on the screen means GT300 is charging now.
  • When the capacity indicator in icon area is full and doesn’t flash any more, the charging process is complete. If your phone is charged in power off status, charging complete screen will also display.
  • You can also charge the battery by USB cable which connects GT300 with the PC.
  • Charging process usually takes about 3 hours.

Note: Before your first time using the GT300, please full charge the battery.

Conexión del servidor

Servidor de la (
Servidor de (
Puerto de servidor47748
Auto registro

Información general

Peso75 g (2.65 oz.)


Nivel de señal
ID del operador

Información de ubicación

Nivel de señal GNSS
Localización forzada por GNSS preferente a GPRS
Localización forzada de GNSS preferente a SMS


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