ATrack AX5

ATrack AX5 is the basis for the ultimate solution for fleet managers in need of monitoring location, speed, and parameters available on the OBD port of vehicles. In addition, AX5 can be installed in matter of seconds which substantially reduces the high cost of installation.

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Location and tracking

ATrack AX5 is embedded with GPS chip. It also supports Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

The tracking mode is flexible configured: by moving every 100m, and every 60 sec, and on turning on 30 degrees by default.

Mobile networks

With Quad-band GSM module ATrack AX5 can be operated all over the world.


ATrack AX5 has following features:

  • CANBus Supported. (Optional – OBDII model)
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • More accurate calculated odometer value
  • Fuel consumption data
  • Able to show engine/ignition status
  • GSM jamming detect and report
  • Impact/Crash detection (Up to 16G)
  • FOTA (Firmware updating via GPRS from FTP server)
  • Configurable real time tracking and logging interval by time, distance, ignition status, vehicle speed or heading changes
  • GSM/GPRS Roaming preference setting
  • GPS reception timeout detection
  • Acceleration Detection (Harsh breaking and acceleration measuring)
  • GPS/VSS odometer
  • Ignition and engine on/off detection
  • Speeding, idle report, vehicle towing alert
  • User defined Geofence zones (Circular and Rectangular)
  • User defined reports
  • Schedule control for all reports
  • Configurable power management setting

Power supply

External power supply might be 8-40V, which makes possible to use ATrack AX5 with all car models.

With an integrated J1962 connector, an extremely compact design powered through the OBDII port, and low power consumption, ATrack AX5 can be installed in matter of seconds which substantially reduces the high cost of installation.

Local and remote management

ATrack AX5 device is capable of firmware update and configuration over-the-air.

In case you are not able to configure device over the air, manual management over SMS-commands and configuration software is also available.

Conexão do servidor

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Porta do servidor47712
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Informação geral

Peso50 g (1.76 oz.)


Status do roamingSim
Nível do sinalSim
ID do operadorSim

Informações de localização

Nível de sinal GNSSSim




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