Starcom Watchlock

Starcom Watchlock is the ultimate gatekeeper — strong, smart and user-friendly. It provides you with intelligent security, combining real-time warnings and tracking. WatchLock combines a High Security mechanical lock with advanced technological GPS location system and GSM communication. The system uses GSM-based communication technologies to provide real-time information about predefined events and location (RTLS – Real-Time Location System) through a web-based application, email or text message.

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The robust and multifunctional design it offers, is combined from Mul-T-Lock’s high security padlock with advanced technological GPS location system and GSM communication from Starcom Systems.

WatchLock offers an ideal solution to asset owners across a variety of industries. Whether stationary or mobile, device or property, personal or business, on or offsite, WatchLock will track, trace and alert you to every move, entry and unauthorized event. You get all of this in one simple to install, user-friendly product.


Starcom Watchlock is a robust High Security padlock designed for outdoor conditions. Moreover, it will inform you if and when a predefined event occurs that warrants your attention. Depending on your needs, you can define a variety of alerts and information you would like to receive.:

  • Embedded with GPS capabilities.
  • Battery operated, with no external power source required.
  • Robust design for enhanced protection and durability.
  • Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status, while allowing you to choose the communication device of your choice, whether cell phone, PC or tablet.
  • Text message or email alert on the following actions:
    • Opened
    • Closed
    • Repositioned
    • Moved out of or into a prede ned geographical area
    • Low battery notification or alerting when the battery has been replaced
  • Cellular Communication
  • Control Center
  • SMS/Email
  • Web Application
  • Provides real-time information that allows you to decide when your attention is warranted.
  • The ability to define and schedule the information for which you receive alerts.
  • Reliable and functional with worldwide coverage.
  • Saves cost, time and physical intervention, with its remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Impact Indicator providing you with an indication of break-in attempts.

Padlock specifications

  • Padlock: Professional High Security C10 padlock for general use
  • Operation: Pop-open shackle that retains the key when open
  • Materials:
    • Shell – Hardened Steel black plated
    • Core – Solid brass
    • Shackle – Hardened Boron alloy steel Weather durability: -40°C to +60°C
  • Additional features: Protective shutter against dust contamination and drainage holes to prevent freezing
  • Cylinder mechanism: Mul-T-Lock’s unique, high- precision pin tumbler system.
  • Pick and drill resistant for High Security needs.
  • Keys: Reversible nickel silver with plastic key head
  • Duplication key control: Patented keys protected by a personal key card that is presented before key duplication
  • Standards: Security Gr 3 according to EN 12320 AND EN 1627


The Watchlock’s functionality covers a range of usages:

  • Ideal for remote or hard to-access infrastructures – such as mobile phone masts, electricity transmission towers and CCTV cameras, as it alerts on any opening of the lock;
  • Freight containers – as it tracks its location and send an alert if there has been a deviation from a pre-set route or time schedule, so is ideal for companies looking to protect their goods in transit or can be used for insurance purposes.
  • Movable assets – as it will trigger an alert if moved outside a defined perimeter, and its location can be tracked through real-time GPS lock system via the web-based application;
  • Tracking the exact opening and closing times – for management purposes.
  • Periodic reports – sent automatically by the system, thereby eliminating the need for onsite inspection of the padlock.

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