Satellite Solutions SAT-LITE 2

SAT-LITE 2 is a tracker, which allows to monitor various parameters of the vehicle and the equipments installed on it. SAT-LITE 2 has discrete inputs, 2 of them are universal pulse-frequency inputs. Also SAT-LITE 2 tracker allows two-way communication between dispatcher and driver. The device has three operation modes: "Sleep", "Active" and "Roaming", user is able to choose any mode for comfortable monitoring.

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Location and tracking

  • GPS, GLONASS support
  • Continuous tracking mode
  • LBS support

Mobile networks

  • 2G Network

Power supply

  • Build-in battery (400 mAh)
  • External power supply (7 – 44V)

Inputs and outputs

  • 3 Discrete inputs
  • 1 Analog input
  • 1 Output

Other features

  • External emergency button support
  • Loacal and remote management
  • LED indication

Conexão do servidor

Servidor da (
Servidor dos (
Porta do servidor47722
Auto cadastroSim

Informação geral



Status do roamingSim
Nível do sinalSim
ID do operadorSim

Informações de localização

Nível de sinal GNSSSim
Localização GNSS forçada em preferência ao SMSSim


Controle remoto das saídasSim
Leitura de ID do motoristaSim


Entradas digitais4
Número de saídas1
Sensor analógicoSim
Sensor de pulsoSim
Sensor de frequênciaSim
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