Howen Technologies Hero-ME31-04

Hero-ME31-04 is a professional four-channel video recorder with support for AHD technology and the ability to save data to a hard disk. Supports GPS, 3G / 4G, Wi-Fi, can be integrated with an RFID system, IP54 protection is provided for working on vehicles.

Hero-ME31-04 supports 4 channel 1080p AHD camera inputs and it can work with extra IP camera for extension. It can fulfill high-standard resolutions for various commercial vehicles’ requirements.


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Location and tracking

  • GPS
  • Continuous tracking mode

Mobile networks

  • 3G / 4G
  • 2 antennas support
  • Wi-Fi


Other features

  • Supports 4 ch AHD 1080P + 1 IP 1080P
  • Supports 4 ch AHD 1080P +4 IP 1080P (with PON switch)
  • Industry leading CPU with powerful processing ability;
  • Support HD video output (VGA port for optional);
  • Selected industrial power chipsets, support 8-36V wide range power input, adapt to harsh environment;
  • Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission;
  • Built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration/deceleration detection;
  • Data self-protection, save data when shut down abnormally;

Data Storage

  • HDD/SSD for recording, up 2TB. Innovative disk mount, no need to use screws;
  • 1 SD card for backup recording, up to 256GB;

Designed for vehicles

  • All the Features from antivibration structure to wide input voltage are designed for the vehicle environment.
  • -20℃ to +80℃ working temperature;
  • 20% to 90% humidity.


  • IP54 ingress protection;
  • Robust construction: die-cast aluminum housing;
  • Can be placed in a fireproof enclosure for guaranteed data protection in case of emergencies;

H.265 Video coding
Smoother streaming video and better quality, save up to 40% of data and storage.

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