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Tramigo is a multinational company with headquarters and home in Finland. Their sales, support and R&D offices are located in our main markets.

Tramigo is a pioneer and brand builder, a team of highly innovative and persistent entrepreneurs aiming to change the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand in the tracking product and telematics business.

Tramigo GPS trackers are good for comprehensive fleet management and control.

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Tramigo T23 Fleet

Tramigo T23 Fleet

Tramigo T23 Fleet is a GPS tracker which is easy to implement. T23 Fleet is robust to install to any car, truck or other vehicle and can be fully hidden. Insert the SIM card and connect T23 Fleet to vehicle power and you are ready to control your vehicle. T23 Fleet communicates its location to your monitoring system or mobile device via GPRS or SMS.
Tramigo T23

Tramigo T23

Tramigo T23 is a durable GPS tracker for vehicles with the ability of fast and reliable installation inside or outside the cabin.
Tramigo T22

Tramigo T22

Tramigo T22 is an universal GPS tracker that can be used for personal, pet or asset tracking as well as vehicle tracking in a fleet management. It is also suitable for using in the personal car to detect unauthorized motions of the vehicle.
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