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Jimi IoT is a professional telematics and wireless communications solutions provider. Founded in 1999, Jimi has more than 20 years of experience developing and deploying M2M GPS solutions. From its humble beginnings as a small telephone producer, Jimi has become a key player in the wireless communications industry, and has moved from following market trends to creating them. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Jimi has branches in Huizhou, Chongqing and Guangzhou, as well as local support centers in the United States, Russia and India.

Concox Information & Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Jimi IoT, dedicated to producing and supplying quality GPS tracking devices for vehicles, assets and individuals. Relentless pursuit of quality and affordability has made Concox a major player in the telematics industry. Concox versatile set of durable and reliable devices have come to enjoy a sterling reputation across the industry, and have earned respect and accolades from partners worldwide.

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Concox JM-VG04Q

The JM-VG04Q is a multifunctional tracker for vehicle tracking. High ingress-protection capability prevents the intrusion of dust and water, ensuring its normal functioning in tough conditions. Designed with many inputs and outputs, it can connect to such accessories as a relay, panic button, fuel sensor, and RFID reader to add convenience and competitiveness to your fleet management. What's more, with different alerts associated with typical problems, this device can notify you of every event at once, allowing perfect supervision and control of your vehicles.

Concox JM-VG03

Supporting 9-90V voltage range, JM-VG03 series works suitably with a wide range of vehicles. Thanks to its inbuilt large antenna and compact size, it delivers faster and more accurate positions and can be hidden-installed. In addition to its general features, alerts of power supply disconnection and tamper are pluses for anti-theft.

Concox JM-VG02U

The JM-VG02U is an OBD II tracker that can be installed effortlessly. With the built-in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and a practical algorithm, it can detect 8 types of improper driving behaviors and prevent dark spots, even in areas with poor GPS signal. It's improved system of alerts increases the safety of both the drivers and the vehicle, while at the same time reducing false alerts.

Concox JM-VL502

The VL502 is a new generation 4G Cat 1 OBD II tracker for corporate cars, usage-based insurance, fleet management, and individual cars, which can obtain vehicle data such as VIN code, engine speed, water temperature, accumulated mileage, etc. With the UBI-based algorithm for driving behaviour analysis, the VL502 can accurately analyze any of 4 kinds of dangerous driving behaviour and support the all-round monitoring of vehicles' real-time status.
Concox JM-VL501

Concox JM-VL501

The VL501 is a plug-and-play tracker with GNSS, LTE, and Bluetooth connectivity. With a cigar lighter power connector, it is easy to install on virtually any vehicle. It is an ideal choice for individuals as well as fleet managers who would like to track their vehicles in applications such as courier delivery, car rental and leasing, insurance telematics (UBI), and more. The considerate design of the USB-A and Type-C ports make the charge of other devices like cellphone much more convenient; while the OTA makes firmware upgrade easier.

Concox JM-VG01U

The pioneer, that is integrated with INS (Inertial navigation system) into a compact GPS tracking device. It enables stable access to location and position in poor GPS signal area such as underpass, downtown, tunnel, etc. Inbuilt UBI feature provides 8 types of drivers’ behavior analysis so that it could upload records of improper behaviors to platform.
Concox JM-LL701

Concox JM-LL701

The LL701 is a Long-Standby Asset Tracker designed for the management of heavy-duty vehicles such as heavy trucks and construction vehicles. Using the CR123A battery allows for more availability and better portability, and the replaceable battery design can help fleet managers effectively reduce fleet maintenance costs. Depending on reporting frequency, its low consumption can provide up to 5 years of working time on 3 batteries, while it also supports an external power supply for longer working life. In addition to these features, the IP67 waterproof rating and the suite of event-triggered alerts will make the LL701 a perfect solution for non-real-time tracking of heavy-duty vehicles, goods and other assets.

Concox JM-LL702

The LL702 is a wireless GPS tracker designed for ultra-long operation and easy installation. The 4,200mAh battery allows it to operate for more than 3 years in default mode, that is, one position fix a day. The compact size and the strong magnet enable it to be installed hidden in vehicles, equipment, and other valuables securely. It pinpoints the locations of these assets accurately using satellites (GPS/BDS), base stations, and WiFi hotspots. Other features include tamper alert, low battery alert, geofence alert, multiple working modes, and more, making it suitable to be used in various tracking scenarios to keep your asset safe and give you peace of mind.
Concox JM-LL303

Concox JM-LL303

The LL303 is a 4G solar-powered tracker designed for the management of construction vehicles and vessels. Featuring the solar panel, magnetic charger, and IP67 waterproof rating, this device is ideal for a variety of deployments that require long standby time and continued optimal performance. LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback ensures a solid connection in almost all cases. In addition to these features, multiple working modes, various peripheral accessories and the suite of event-triggered alerts will make the LL303 a valuable part of your fleet management strategy.

Concox JM-LL302

Concox JM-LL302

Designed for vehicle & asset tracking, LL302 is a 4G Wireless Asset GNSS Tracker that supports GPS/BDS/LBS/Wi-Fi positioning, light sensor, and multiple alerts for abnormal vibration, low battery, etc. With our platform and mobile App, LL302 is ideal for remote monitoring of users’ targets, and it’s also suitable for such application scenarios as vehicle rental, fleet management, logistics transportation, etc.
Jimi IoT JM-VL04

Jimi IoT JM-VL04

The JM-VL04 is a professional 4G OBD vehicle tracker you can easily install. With its advanced accelerometer, gyroscope, and special algorithm, JM-VL04 can detect improper driving behaviors, precisely calculate mileages, and prevent the dark spots occur in the area with poor GNSS signal. By leveraging different 4G communication modules, it covers almost all global LTE frequency bands. A revolutionary update is the voice alarm, which can remind drivers to behave correctly when their bad driving activities have been detected. Moreover, it also supports the embedded microphone for remote listen-in.
Jimi IoT JM-VL03

Jimi IoT JM-VL03

The JM-VL03 is an easy-hidden 4G LTE GPS tracker mainly designed for the management of vehicles. The ability to work in 9-90V input voltage enables its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. An advanced GPS antenna gives it strong signal acquisition and more accurate positioning capability. Designed with a driving behavior analysis system and multiple alerts, the JM-VL03 can increase the driving safety and vehicle security further effectively.
Concox JM-VL02

Concox JM-VL02

JM-VL02 series is engineered with LTE and GSM technology to deliver the high reliability needed to help streamline operations, reduce costs associated with service and maintenance of vehicles, improve driver safety and customer response. It's the perfect solution for dispatching calls to your fleet while monitoring the locations of your vehicles.
Jimi IoT JM-VL01

Jimi IoT JM-VL01

Improve the performance of your fleet business today with the feature rich and lightning fast JM-VL01. The JM-VL01 is a powerful and easy to install 4G GPS tracker that gives you actionable telematics insights. In addition to standard functions such as GPS location and geo-fence alerts the JM-VL01 can also act as a WIFI hotspot.
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