Galileosky 2.5 Lite

Galileosky 2.5 Lite is a vehicle GPS/GLONASS tracker combines convenience and quality. It is specially designed for fleet management as well as personal needs of vehicle and van owners. The device has a wide range of options due to multiple inputs, outputs and interfaces. Also, it is equipped by external GNSS and GPRS antennas. This model differs from Galileosky 2.5 by the absence of a 1-wire and RS-232 and CAN interfaces.

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Package content

Galileosky 2.5 Lite package contents:

  • Tracking device
  • Device passport
  • Branded packaging
  • Cable Assembly
  • GPS GSM Antennas

Location and tracking

Galileosky 2.5 Lite models are embedded with GPS with the support of GLONASS as well.

As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, the device uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

Mobile networks

Galileosky 2.5 Lite has GSM 900/1800 class antenna, so it can be operated only in Europe and Asia.

Main features:

The main features of the Galileosky 2.5 are:

  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • SOS-button
  • Power saving mode
  • FOTA and remote device configuration
  • Fuel control

Power supply

Galileosky 2.5 Lite uses voltage range 9-50V, which makes possible to install it both on cars and trucks.

Local and remote management

Galileosky 2.5 Lite can be controlled and configured over GPRS. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back.

Also, if you want to configure Galileosky 2.5 Lite via PC, you will need a special USB-cable, which is not included into a standard package. The configuration is done in “Galileosky Configurator” software.

Conexão do servidor

Servidor da (
Servidor dos (
Porta do servidor47773
Auto cadastroSim

Informação geral

Peso300 g (10.58 oz.)


Nível do sinalSim
ID do operadorSim

Informações de localização

Nível de sinal GNSSSim
Localização forçada pelo GNSS em preferência ao GPRSSim


Controle remoto das saídasSim
Leitura de ID do motoristaSim


Entradas digitais4
Número de saídas3
Sensor analógicoSim
Sensor de pulsoSim
Sensor de frequênciaSim
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