Micron Prime ATV CATM

The Prime ATV CATM is designed as an ideal solution for lone worker, vehicle, pet, and asset tracking applications. The thumb-sized button makes this device ideal for applications requiring rapid notification of emergency alert or regular setting of geo-fences based on current location.

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Location and tracking

  • The device supports continuous and interval tracking modes, so you can choose any of them depending on the desired track quality and the time of operation of the device.
  • The Device also supports the LBS. It helps in cases when device has lost the GPS connection with GPS sattelites.
  • Micron Prime ATV CATM transmitts the data about quality of GPS connection.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Optional BLE 5.0+.

Mobile networks

  • LTE Bands: LTE CATM1 B4, B13.
  • 4G Network.

Power supply

  • Rechargeable 2000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. The device sends information about the battery charge to a server.

Inputs and Outputs

Device does not support inputs and digital outputs.

Remote configuration of operating modes

  • Tracking modes can be set distantly via the GPRS channel.
  • Also device supports the sleep mode that can be configured via the SMS messages.

Other features

  • Remote management. Device can be configured distantly from the platform.
  • Accessories.
  • SMS, UDP, TCP Packet Data.


  • Internal GPS Antenna.
  • Internal Cellular Antenna.
  • Internal Wi-Fi / BLE Antenna.


  • -30° to +75° C (connected to primary power).
  • -40° to +85° C (storage).
  • Humidity 95% RH @ 50° C non-condensing.

Features & benefits

  • Latest LTE CATM Technology.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Monitoring real-time motion.
  • Weatherproof IPX6 Enclosure.
  • FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) Updates.
  • Enterprise integration ready.
  • Location via Wi-Fi & BLE that help in cases of indoor monitoring.

Device can be managed via the MAP© Tools. Standby time: for 1 report per day – 95 days, for 2 reports per day – 76 days, 4 reports per day – 53 days. The thumb sized button makes this device ideal for applications requiring rapid notification of emergency alert or regular setting of geofences based on current location.

Conexión del servidor

Servidor de la (
Servidor de (
Puerto de servidor47764
Auto registro

Información general



Nivel de señal
ID del operador

Información de ubicación

Nivel de señal GNSS
Localización forzada por GNSS preferente a GPRS
Localización forzada de GNSS preferente a SMS
Localización forzada por LBS preferente a GPRS




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