Omnicomm Profi 2.0

Omnicomm Profi 2.0 provide the highest level of protection from climate and mechanical factors. It is recommended to use with the transport and special assets working in harsh weather conditions, including cold regions of the north. In comparison with the other models of Omnicomm line of trackers, Profi 2.0 provide the most functionality.

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Location and tracking

Device support 32-channel GPS/GLONASS module, feautures only continuous tracking mode and doesn’t support LBS.
The device have a build-in nonvolatile memory for storing up to 150000 tracking events.

Mobile networks

The device support standard Quad-band GSM, and use GPRS as a communication channel. It allows to install 1 sim-card or 1 sim-chip.

Emergency button

Embedded SOS button allows sending emergency signals without additional equipment.

Power supply

Build-in 1400 mAh Li-Ion battery.

Inputs and outputs

The device have 6 universal inputs and 2 descrete outputs.


The device features the following interfaces:
CAN – for reading additional car data
RS-485 – for fuel level sensor connection or other equipment
1-wire interface

Remote management

The device is managed remotely over GPRS

Driver identification and other features

The device support driver identification, as well as camera and microphone, which allows to receive visual and audible information regarding the driver and his surrounding. It can also be used for voice communication with the driver.

The device also features a sensor for tampering detection.

Strong casing and cold protection

The device features enforced casing, which can protect it from mechanical damage. It also features a sim-card heating to protect the sim-card chip from malfunction in very low temperature conditions.

Integración de Servidor

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Características de hardware

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Hardware extras

Lectura del sensor del nivel de combustible
Lectura del identificador del conductor
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Lectura del sensor de la temperatura externa

Características de rastreo

Modos de rastreoContinuo

Monitoreo de eventos

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Estado de roaming
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